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Tour & Taxis – Avenue du Port 86c – BE-1000 Brussels

How to get to our event

Tour & Taxis has excellent public transport links, with:

  • metro lines 2 and 6 running to the nearby Yser/Ijzer station;
  • various trams and buses (STIB/MIVB) and De Lijn.

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Opening hours

Wednesday, 23 October 2019 from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.
Thursday, 24 October 2019 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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Silver sponsors


stand 46

3ES is a high-growth company that specialises in measurement projects in the industrial and construction sectors, not only above and on ground but also below. Thanks to leading-edge technology – such as laser scanning, drone scanning and 3D modelling – 3ES is one of the most efficient Benelux measurement firms. 3ES is the perfect partner for architects, industrial companies, contractors and facility managers who need hyper-accurate plans with ease and speed.

Thanks to its many years of expertise, 3ES has made its customers’ needs its own motto: accuracy, correctness and speed.

stand 50

3STATE®, the key to sales success.

Imagine this! Your clients can walk through their home and decorate it before they have even bought it. Or better yet even before the house is built. With 3STATE® you can really help your buyers find their dream home. We have developed the 3STATE® platform for the modern-day real estate professionals. With interactive renders that you can adjust to your liking, virtual tours, professional promotional material and more. Easily integrate the platform on your website and start selling online immediately

stand 29

ADS + is launching a platform with BUILDDOC on which all mandatory documents of an employee and / or subcontractor are collected and checked. The contractor immediately receives information about possible irregularities and can take action to avoid fines. Data automatically goes to the main contractor, saving time and money. With BUILDDOC, ADS + offers a digital simplification of the building administration and a secure collaboration on and around the site.

ARCO Information
stand 71

Arco Information: a stable partner
Arco Information was established in Mechelen in 1993 and currently has a 50-strong and highly experienced workforce to cater for your specific needs. In the intervening years, we have built of a solid base of over 1 000 customers.
Seamless conversion from paper to digital format
Arco converts your paper-based documents to digital format. Scan documents through the cloud service and convert them automatically into documents that have meaningful properties. Ensure your e-mails are read in automatically. Provide your customers and suppliers with e-forms, which they can fill in for further processing.
Managing information flows and documents
Document and information volumes are continually increasing. The pace of change is accelerating, and you are sharing ever more information with customers, partners, citizens, suppliers and other interested parties. Arco’s core business is to capture information, to process it in digital workflows, and then to save, share, convert and deliver it.
Automating processes
Have automated processes in place for approving and checking documents. Convert them automatically into the right format, ensure they are signed digitally and monitor deadlines. An audit trail of all activities is provided, while reports give a clear insight into how the process is progressing.
Ensuring documents and information reach the right addressee
Addressees receive their documents and information as requested and are also free to change their preferences themselves. We keep track of the delivery status. Customers not wanting to receive items in digital format can make use of a print and delivery service.
Secure archive
Arco guarantees that all documents will be stored digitally in accordance with the archiving guidelines in force. Storage is secure and the documents are available at all times. When necessary, digital signatures along with the requisite certificates will be used to secure documents. The archive complies with all legal standards, thus eliminating the need for paper versions.
Doma Cloud Platform
This platform is hosted in Belgium and complies with the strictest security standards. You can put your most important and sensitive documents on this platform and so reduce concerns when organising your in-house ICT resource going forward.

Arkance Systems
stand 4

Arkance Systems is today able to offer you a complete BIM portfolio with advanced services.
Examining your BIM needs and filling them in as far as possible are the core tasks of Arkance Systems. Our goal is to be a strategic partner in achieving your goals. Our knowledge is enriched every day so that we can offer you the best professional BIM advice and innovative solutions. We strive for the highest return for you.

stand 83

Streamline your business processes with our software solutions.
In order to implement and maintain successful projects, specific knowledge and experience is required. It also involves a lot of administrative work. With user-friendly business software it can all be done quicker and more efficiently. Watch our solutions to discover how Astena can help your company getting smarter!

stand 19

Bimplan provides BIM services to a broad public in the construction industry. The focus here is always on a practical implementation of the use of BIM applications in the work processes of companies and projects. The main objective is to realize better construction documentation by maximizing information exchange between project partners and to stimulate this through BIM collaboration.
Bimplan provides modeling, BIM consultancy, BIM coordination, BIM project management and BIM training. Bimplan can rely on 10 years of practical experience on various small and large-scale projects in Belgium and the Netherlands.

stand 11

Bluefields offers with Bluebeam Revu the ultimate PDF-software for the construction. Revu software is actively used by Belgium’s top construction and engineering companies. SMB’s also see the benefit going digital and Revu for PDF’s is an affordable, but powerful solution. Revu is used in design reviews, Takeoffs, Document/drawing management, submittal reviews, Punch process, site logistics, maintenance, …. Finally Revu becomes an essential element in a BIM process. Discover our products, services and trainings.

stand 9 - 10

Use It Group has been working on the cutting edge for 20 years to be a pioneer in the field of administrative software for the construction, gardening and green industries. This respectively with Bouwsoft and Groensoft. Contacts, quotations, invoices, payment follow-up, post-calculation, … are all managed centrally. Our all-in-one tool ensures that you save time and gain more insight into your company.

In 2014, Archisoft also met the requirements of architects and architects.

stand 31

Build Software supports companies in the construction sector in optimising their business processes. Our highly motivated team has been developing and implementing specialised software for the sector since 1997. The result of these years of experience is a state-of-the-art solution. Build Software supports companies in winning tenders, obtaining higher returns and increasing customer satisfaction. Whether you are active in general construction, road construction and infrastructure, finishing and installation, project development or as engineering firm, we can help.

stand 23

Digitisation is in full swing in the construction industry and government. The way you design, build and operate is changing radically. Our experts help you embrace this digital transformation.
By building virtually and applying BIM in your work processes, you create intelligent designs that can be used in all project phases.
We enable you to enter a new phase of growth. So that you are ready for the future. Whatever it brings.
Cadac. Enabling digital.
More information:

stand 45

CADkoop is the largest CAD webshop in the Benelux! You will find the widest range of CAD software, hardware, support and training.
We are Sketchup Gold Partner, supplier of BricsCAD software and Preferred Partner of 3DConnexion.

stand 49

stand 24

Cloudalize is an acknowledged expert in the delivery of Desktop-as- a-Service (DaaS) and Compute-as-a-Service (CaaS) solutions on demand from the Cloud, the Edge or On-premises.

stand 58


stand 73

Construsoft has been the supplier and developer of various BIM software for over 20 years in more than 35 countries. We support our customers from design to production with advice and software, including SketchUp Pro, Tekla Structures, Vico Office en Trimble Connect.

Also save time and effort, and above all, reduce failure costs like many of our leading customers? At our stand we would like to inform you about the latest innovations in the fields of BIM.

stand 84

Cooperlink CDE – The most effective BIM collaboration from your own tools

Forget massive email exchanges, manual re-encodings, multiple versions of the same document on different tools…
Leverage your partnerships, make your people more productive, and make more informed decisions by facilitating and automating collaboration, data exchange, and approval workflows with partners from their own tools.
Discover Cooperlink, the multi-partner integration platform and its innovative BIM-friendly workplace at

stand 72

D-studio offers BIM-related solutions and services for all construction partners, in the broadest sense of the word. We take the use of BIM within organizations and specific projects to a higher level by acting as a BIM consultant and/or by developing tailor-made software tools. In addition, D-studio is also active in various research groups around BIM and involved in writing the new, Belgian BIM standards.

stand 64

Dalux goal is to make the construction industry more efficient through user-friendly digital tools and BIM technologies (3D information models). With over 100 000 users in more than 90 countries, Dalux is a leader in specialized construction software.
Our solutions facilitate mobile project surveillance on site, control forms, health & safety checks, and document coordination, as well as project handover and facility management. Our innovative standard TwinBIMTM technology brings Augmented Reality to the building site in real-time!

Design Express
stand 81

Design Express est une entreprise internationale à forte croissance, dont les bureaux sont installés à Malines, Hasselt, Gouda et Varsovie. Nous distribuons le logiciel CAD/BIM Vectorworks et le programme d’animation en 3D Cinema 4D, en étroite collaboration avec des architectes, architectes d’intérieur, paysagistes et jardiniers, urbanistes, spécialistes du divertissement et d’autres secteurs passionnants.

stand 63

On the road to digitization! Take back control over your documents, e-mails and the actions to take, through a software solution very easy to use.
Dynamic Flows puts at your service all its experience in the construction sector to assist you in your digital transformation.
With the Dynamic Flows Software Suite, you will have a complete document management at the heart of your tools, and very quickly you will be able to benefit from a digitization of your internal processes to make you gain in productivity: management of your incoming mails, your invoices, your sales process and the follow-up of your projects.
The implementation of the solution will allow each user to gain at least 30 minutes a day in the management of their e-mails and their tasks. The key to this success is based on a solution developed by users in the heart of their everyday environment, the Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel), MS Teams and their Smartphones.
Visit our stand (n° 63) to discover the solution or our Website:

stand 17

EcoDomus Lifecycle BIM offeres solutions to Facility Managers for buildings and industrial sites,
in the largest sense of the word. We bring the value of BIM directly to the building owner and
professionals involved with the management of facilities. EcoDomus is the #1 provider of Lifecycle
BIM and has delivered more As-Built BIM and COBie projects than all other software companies
in the world combined.

ed controls
stand 65

Work in an organised way and immediately see what needs to be done. Ed Controls, a product of Dutchview, was born on-site when two men joined forces to digitise project communication. Monitor the quality of projects from the start up to and including completion. Action points are immediately recorded and assigned to the right people. This guarantees clear communication between all the partners.

stand 85

FARO® is the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement, imaging and realization technology.
The company develops and manufactures leading edge solutions that enable high-precision 3D capture, measurement and analysis across a variety of industries including construction.
FARO provides AEC professionals best-in-class surveying technology and point cloud processing software that allows them to get their physical building and infrastructure sites into the digital world (along all phases of their life cycle).

FEDERALE verzekeringen – assurances
stand 67

“To build” is rising to the challenge every day. You want to focus on what really matters: your building projects and enterprise. It’s therefore important that you can count on a solid partner. More than a 100 years of experience is what constitutes Federale Assurance, and that experience is put at your service. In this way, you can deal with your daily challenges and those of the future. And you know for sure you are insured well!
At Federale Assurance you get customized solutions for your liability, your personnel, construction site, digital plans, cyber security, …
Discover our solutions now!

stand 79

Geo-IT BVBA is an authorised reseller, training center, and developer of Autodesk software specializing in the construction industry. As an Autodesk Gold partner, we support contractors, design firms and architects with the BIM design software Autodesk Revit, which we tailor to the needs of the Belgian market. With the Autodesk BIM360 products we bring the 2D plans and the 3D BIM models to the field for use on PC, tablet or smartphone. Geo-IT is active in the BBRI/WTCB/CSTC’s BIM working groups and is also a partner of CEVORA and the Confederatie Bouw for specialised training in AutoCAD, Revit and BIM software.

stand 1

Geodynamics offers IT solutions for mobile applications, especially in the track and trace and time registration segments.

Our innovative software allows companies in the construction, service and installation sectors to get rid of paper of paper-based work slips or track their vehicles and mobile teams in real time.

GMI group
stand 43

As a software and service company, we support our customers in the optimization of their operational processes and their administrative organization. You are one company; one integrated system is therefore self-evident. We go for a total approach within four major automation domains: ERP, CRM, ECM and BI. We guarantee guidance by expert consultants who are tried and tested by daily practice. They speak your language and can actively think along with you from your specific business situation.

stand 30

Ficos is the IT specialist for the construction sector.
Hit-Office is a software solution for managing your quotes, projects, purchases, planning, accounting, staff, after-sales service and equipment.
Hit-Mobile is a mobile application linked to Hit-Office, it allows you to access your data from your smartphone or tablet.
Hit-Tracking is a geolocation solution that can be used alone or integrated with Hit-Office. Hit-Market is a platform for online price requests. It allows you to improve the purchasing process with your suppliers and subcontractors.
Check-in-at-Work is a jobsite registration solution.
Hit-Clock is a location-based pointing application.

stand 68

You can count on the IDEWE Group for tailor-made prevention and well-being. Establishing a prevention policy involves much more than just occupational medicine. It also incorporates safety, hygiene and psychosocial, ergonomic and environmental aspects. With 9 regional branches and more than 870 qualified employees, we support over 35,000 employers and 750,000 employees in creating safe and healthy working environments.

stand 86

A public space has to offer an optimal and unique experience to users. From reception to orientation, information and comfort, all functions are to be provided for by setting up specific equipment.
Inseetu is a tool that supports the design and installation of static and moveable equipment in public spaces (e.g. city centre, neighbourhoods, business parks, recreational parks) with a view to continuously improve user experience. It is an integrated solution that helps designers, equipment suppliers and project managers in charge of designing public space equipment.
For more information:

Irex Consulting
stand 32

irexOne is a young software company entering scale up phase. We build and sell top notch software products to help our clients become digital players. So far, we have built mobile applications in 2 product ranges which are already in use in multiple sectors in Belgium and abroad.
Our construction suite is a digital solution engineered by constructors for constructors. This mobile workforce management solution secures construction processes, increases project efficiency and simplifies reporting, communication and compliance.

stand 74

KPD is the Belgian market leader in software for general construction, renovations, road construction, installation & related sectors. More than 400 companies rely on our knowledge and expertise. CONSTRUCTION SOFTWARE: from quantity survey to invoicing, with an eye for business intelligence. Our broad range of solutions enables us to advise our clients according to their specific needs.
KPD’s BouwOffice Solutions
BouwOffice is a fully modular package, in which several modules form an integrated unit. This has the advantage that all your administrative processes run smoothly within one software, from the import of the quantity survey to the delivery of the project.
BouwOffice combines a combination of back-office ERP, with apps and project management tools.

stand 41

Kresoft Systems has been your reliable partner since 1984 when we talk about software for the construction sector. We are specialized in ERP-programs such as projectmanagement for contractors, reinforcement industry and precasting companies.
Our userfriendly software will help you to optimize your company processes (commercial, calculation of prices, planning, production, registration of timesheets, costing, purchase, stock, …).
If necessary, we can build software on demand interfacing with existing modules.

stand 48

La transition numérique connaît un essor sans précédent. Le numérique est la nouvelle norme, et le secteur de la construction doit maintenant embrasser ce changement. Lab9 Construct est là pour vous y aider.

Imaginez, par exemple, un dossier de projet constamment à jour. Toutes les informations sont centralisées et sécurisées dans le cloud. La communication entre client, chantier, bureau et architecte se déroule parfaitement. Les rapports de chantier, les listes “to do”, les enregistrements des temps sont automatisés.

Lab9 Construct vous libère de vos soucis, et vous propose à la fois support et services, pour votre matériel et votre infrastructure IT.

Cela vous permet de gagner en temps et en efficacité et de réduire les risques d’erreur.

stand 20

Leica Geosystems – when it has to be right
Revolutionising the world of measurement and survey for nearly 200 years, Leica Geosystems is the industry leader in measurement and information technologies. We create complete solutions for professionals across the planet. Known for innovative product and solution development, professionals in a diverse mix of industries, such as surveying and engineering, building and heavy construction, safety and security, and power and plant trust Leica Geosystems for all their geospatial needs. With precise and accurate instruments, sophisticated software, and trusted services, Leica Geosystems delivers value every day to those shaping the future of our world.
Leica Geosystems is part of Hexagon (Nasdaq Stockholm: HEXA B,, a leading global provider of information technology solutions that drive productivity and quality across geospatial and industrial landscapes.

stand 25

Bedrijfspresentatie ENG:

Meet Roger, makes your internal business communication easier.

Companies in the construction sector often work with personnel that is spread over several yards. This fragmented workforce consists of an average of 30% white and 70% blue collar employees.

The challenge is to keep each of them involved and motivated. The war for talent is tangible and safety on the work floor is always a point of attention, which is why a commitment to streamlined internal communication is indispensable.

Provide your people with the right tools. Meet Roger at

MER Group
stand TBC

Mergroup is a company active since 2006, focused on providing mobile working solutions for all size businesses. Mergroup gives visibility into vehicle and material location, speed and mileage, temperature, and lots of other insights to reduce operating and capital costs and increase revenue.

stand 37

MODENA distributes OPENBIM software for architects, architectural firms and contractors organized around OPENBIM.
OPENBIM is a universal approach to collaborative design, building implementation and building operations based on open standards and workflows.
In addition to the sale activity, we support compagnies, offices through training, consulting to their transitions to building modeling and data exchange between different stakeholders. Distributed software: ARCHICAD, BIMCloud, BIMx, Solibri,, Visual-Planning.

One Two
stand 44

One Two delivers simple solutions since 2008:
• Recording Time and Material: Who has worked on which project ? What activities were carried out? How long have we worked on this job?
• Consumption of material: which and how much material has been used for this project?
• Tracing your equipment: where’s my drilling machine? Who was the last to use the grinding wheel?
• Status recording: has the arch abutment yet been cast? Have they already begun encasing?

stand 66


Orange Belgium is one of the leading telecommunications operators on the Belgian market.
On the corporate market, Orange provides mobile and fixed telephony as well as broadband internet. Positioned as an integrated communications operator, Orange proposes a wide portfolio of connectivity and mobility services, including offers that are built on big data and the Internet of Things (IoT).
Orange supports construction companies in their digital transformation and evolution towards the smart construction site thanks to solutions for optimal communication and data exchange and the Internet of Things.

stand 55


stand 85A

The fastest-growing planning tool for the Flemish construction sector.
The 7 arguments:
• The easiest = Prixo is adaptable to your current method = no learning curve
• The fastest = Built to (re)plan faster than you ever thought possible
• The safest = Cloud-based planning, always online + virtual planning assistant as your right hand
• Most connected = Connect with your existing software and get even more out of your planning
• The most pleasant = The combination of visual splendour and intuitive design makes planning more enjoyable
• Free, fully supported trial period = only convinced customers
• Free onboarding, data migration support, free live training and best support in the industry

Pro-4-all Cloud Services
stand 56

stand 13

PROXY-INFORMATIQUE is a company dedicated to IT for TPE and PME. Specialized in ERP, CRM and the management administration of Office 365, BatiScript’s unique partner for Belgium, a solution dedicated to project coordinator to manage in single application with multiple-features. Also kiosk connected in 3G, a platform for online management of human resources on construction site, able to manage workers and visitors present in line with the CheckInAtWork

stand 78

Automation fleet management, checkinatwork, mobility allowance and equipment management
RAM Mobile Data is a software company with over 25 years of experience specializing in geolocation and kilometer and time registration, especially in construction. RAM Mobile Data has played a pioneering role ever since and is the market leader in this field. To support the business processes of the customer, RAM Mobile Data provides vehicle, person and equipment-related track & trace systems. In addition, innovation, quality and good service come first. RAM Mobile Data has been working closely with the Confederatie Bouw since 2005.

stand 47

ROBAWS is an online tool specifically known for its simplicity, speed & mobile use. Users have the option to choose the functionalities in their own system: clients, offers, projects, progress statements, work order, billing, suppliers, orders, delivery notes, time registration, planningtools (check in @ work, yard report), materials, articles, stock management, employees, dashboard, file and e-mail integration. Do not expect any leaflets at our exhibition area. We love to show you our product in real time with a live demo.

stand 36

The company RVC S.A. optimizes and digitizes the operational processes of technical interventions in the building sector.
The company develops and markets management solutions for real estate professionals and managers with field data collection, dematerialization of operational and administrative processes and energy consumption.
RVC S.A. aims to set up a connected and zero-paper organization with its solutions : Powerges Start, Classic and Estate solutions.

stand 52

Scapta is a leading ICT company that offers quality solutions based on Microsoft technology. Our team combines years of experience in ERP, CRM and BI with enthusiasm and passion. With an open mindset, we strive to offer the right solution for each customer. We built successful partnerships with our customers to enable them to evolve in these times of digitization. We have a clear focus on Microsoft technology, specifically Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision), Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 for Sales, Dynamics 365 and Business Intelligence.

From our offices in Hasselt and Ghent we implement our business software for small and medium-sized companies. For each implementation we provide a result-oriented project approach based on clear agreements. Each implementation ends with a ready-to-use delivery of the software and a practice-oriented training.

stand 60

SIMMS brings unique artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that allow autonomous, distributed, highly effective, cost efficient, and coordinated undertaking of missions by multiple mobile robots, principally drones. This AI is embedded in a plug-and-play ‘smart box’ and can be used and tailored to all sorts of monitoring or securitization missions. SIMMS is the result of years of research by renowned experts with proven experience in military projects (European Defence Agency, US Navy), making possible the execution of missions by a swarm of two to tens of robots.

stand 84A

At Smartbeam our goal is to simplify construction budget management by combining lean processes with a collaborative and user-friendly ecosystem.
Smartbeam is an application for the field that helps contractors, architects and owners to manage their budgets smartly without going through any other emails or spreadsheets, saving 50% of time while minimising financial risks.
From bidding to jobcosting, you can start collaborating in real time with all your teams, on any device.

stand 86A

Smartyard is a unique online platform for renting and renting out heavy machinery for the construction industry.
Smartyard cleverly connects supply with demand through a find-and-match algorithm. This makes finding available rental equipment as well as the renting out process ever so easy. The result? Up to 75% of time saved, a 55% drop in mistakes and a digital B2B experience equal to what we are used to in a B2C model.

stand 82

Spacewell is part of the Nemetschek Group, a publicly listed software supplier for the architecture, engineering and construction sectors. Spacewell helps customers around the world to improve the performance of their building portfolios, make building management more intelligent and improve the user experience through the integration of IWMS, IoT and BIM. Spacewell, that was founded in 1989, currently employs 300 people in 10 locations and has more than 2 million users worldwide.

stand 38

We provide and develop complete hardware and software solutions that improve how to collaborate, interact and present for professionals.
With its full range of interactive screens, videoconferencing solutions and collaborative software, Speechi is today the national leader in its field.
Created in Lille in 2004, Speechi has showrooms in Lille, Paris and Brussels. Ideal locations to be close to its customers.

stand 42

Suivo is an asset management platform for any type of tool: from drills to containers and trailers and from delivery vans and lorries to excavators and cranes. The platform gives you a complete overview: localise, track in real-time, inventory, record operating hours, track inspections and much more.
Using our automatic time registration tools, Checkin@work, job registration and calculating mobility allowances become child’s play.
With our extensive hardware portfolio and future-proof technology, we would be delighted to help you with your digital transformation.

stand 77


stand 16

Techbim is a neutral standardisation initiative at BIM Content Level (L2) to establish, maintain and enlarge a “Common Generic Parametric Objects Library” by and for the installation sector for use in Autodesk Revit (later on also for other applications)
This object library will be available free of charge for the whole value chain: architect/engineering company, general contractor, technical contractor and facility manager (as-built files)

stand 18


ThorbiQ helps manufacturers to provide an all-encompassing virtual (BIM) representation of their products to all relevant building actors.

On the ThorbiQ platform, these building actors (architects, designers, engineers, contractors, …) get free access to the product information and (BIM) data provided by the manufacturers.

Our goal? To facilitate BIM use and encourage collaboration in the construction industry.

stand TBC

timaster® offers SMEs a unique and customizable planning toolbox for an efficient coordination of projects and capacity planning. It’s an intuitive tool that can easily be integrated into existing software tools and working methods. timaster® combines multi-project and resource planning, both manually and dynamically. The available capacity, competences and time constraints are continuously taken into account by our software. As a result, bottlenecks are immediately indicated and the entire planning remains up-to-date and accurate for both operational short-term purposes and the strategic long-term planning. The multi-user interface also enables both centralized and decentralized real-time planning.

stand 22

timaster® offers SMEs a unique and customizable planning toolbox for an efficient coordination of projects and capacity planning. It’s an intuitive tool that can easily be integrated into existing software tools and working methods. timaster® combines multi-project and resource planning, both manually and dynamically. The available capacity, competences and time constraints are continuously taken into account by our software. As a result, bottlenecks are immediately indicated and the entire planning remains up-to-date and accurate for both operational short-term purposes and the strategic long-term planning. The multi-user interface also enables both centralized and decentralized real-time planning.

stand 70

Traxxeo is the IoT specialist in the building and public works sector. New technologies today enable you to collect data and remotely control the activities of vehicles, machinery, and equipment. Are you convinced that someday the information transmission from your workers will be done by their telephones instead of your hardcopy form? Traxxeo offers you an open software platform allowing you to collect data from various connected equipment.
stand 69

Trust Digital, So You Can Create Wonderful Things provides IT-services for companies which believe they can have an impact on the market through digitalization. How? By automation of processes with software, services & Hybrid-IT infrastructure. All this in the most secure way possible, as data is considered a company’s most valuable asset. That’s why it requires our devoted and certified care.

Discover how we can accelerate your digital transformation!

stand 15

Xella has been working with the digital BIM platform for years. This ensures better communication during a construction project, good chain cooperation and lower failure costs. Xella therefore offers all its product information through an open online library. And our back office is fully trained on BIM so that architects and contractors can efficiently and economically realize their projects.